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About SVI  

The goal of the Shamanic Vision Institute is to synthesize the common shamanic principles from current and past cultures around the world with western psychotherapy and medicine, and to share them through technology, publications and education. Through this sharing, we seek to create a society that recognizes the power of community, and uses that power to tend to the needs of our ailing earth, raise children with a higher consciousness, and help ourselves and others to live healthy, joyful lives.

We see a global village forming around these ancient, common-sense principles, once embodied by all humans and rather recently supplanted by industry, capitalism and politics. It is these shamanic principles which can heal us, heal our planet, and provide a positive foundation for the future, starting with our children.

Our vision incorporates of a new type of cooperative corporate structure, which will act as a model that is reproducible and will facilitate the achievement of these goals.