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We will be posting more general information about shamanism as we get time, but for now, we just wanted to present our first draft of the principles we see as common to all shamanistic practices:

1. We are stewards of the earth and need to care for her and all things upon and around her. We are responsible for healing the ills we have caused over the last couple of hundred years, for replenishing the wildlife – both plant and animal – that has been decimated, and for teaching the next generations how to build earth-friendly communities in the future. Ultimately, our stewardship is about recreating balance and maintaining it going forward.

2. We strive to fulfill the potential we have as human beings to connect to other dimensions through different states of consciousness with the intent of healing ourselves and others. These states of consciousness can be reached through meditation, ritual, ceremony, and/or, ultimately, simple intent, and in these states we can receive direction from sources of pure energy (God, spirits, ancestors, other shamans, etc…).

3. We learn and practice the natural healing ways provided to us by the earth. Just about every modern manufactured pharmaceutical has at its root a component provided by nature. By learning what these components are within the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, we can not only use the raw components for healing, but help to heal the earth by naturally producing them in harmony with the environments from which they originally came. Through natural medicine and other healing arts, such as massage, Reiki, energy work, etc… we will become connected with our bodies in ways that will make it impossible to abuse them. Healing ourselves is a precursor to becoming a healer in any realm.

4. We pass our shamanic knowledge and principles on to our children, teaching them to see the world through shamanic eyes and inspiring them to continue to carry the mantle of earth stewardship, ultimately to pass it on to their children. If we walk with beauty on the earth, with healed hearts and aware minds, our children will become inspired to follow our paths. We need to both teach and be examples for them, and they will grow up with love in their hearts and an appreciation for nature that will keep them close to the earth. As more children grow up with this mindset, our world will grow ever more close to harmony and global community.